The project

TITLE OF THE COORDINATED PROJECT: Troubadours and Women's Song: Feminine Voices and Images, Ideological Frames and Social Change

The coordinated project Women and Medieval Song aims to draw a comprehensive map, from a pragmatic and interdisciplinary perspective, of women’s role in medieval European lyric poetry and its artistic, historical, and social impact.

The extensive study of the various facets linking femininity and medieval lyric poetry will offer greater insight into the true scope of phenomena such as female patronage or female authorship in Europe’s different regions. This increased insight into the historical reality will necessarily shape a new understanding of the artistic and poetic discourse by and about women.


More specifically, the project aims:

  1. To study the role of women and representations of women in lyric discourse and in the social and mental transformations to which its European reception gave rise.
  2. To create an active, Internet-accessible platform that: includes the corpus of woman-voiced lyric poetry in medieval languages and a database for its lexicographical and discursive study; records and catalogues the literary and iconographic representations of female figures associated with the creation, promotion, and dissemination of medieval lyric poetry; and makes it possible to map female patronage in Europe.



PI 1 COORDINATOR 1: Meritxell Simó

TÍTULO - TITLE: Estudio de la canción de mujer en la lírica galorománica y germánica y de la figura femenina como constructora del espacio sociopoético trovadoresco | Study of Women's Song in Gallo-Romance and Germanic Lyric Poetry and of Women Characters as Constructors of the Sociopoetic Troubador Space

REFERENCE: PID2019-108910GB-C21


PI 1: Esther Corral Díaz

TÍTULO - TITLE: Voces, espacios y representaciones femeninas en la lírica gallego-potuguesa | Voices, Spaces and Representations of Women in Galician-Portuguese Lyric Poetry

REFERENCE: PID2019-108910GB-C2"